Tantra Massage in Dusseldorf

In the Tantra massage, I will awaken you, your soul, your body emotionally, accompany you, your resting in the body security, find your sexuality and reinterpret.

After a warm shower your skin is especially sensitized to receive light, tender, pleasant touches. You receive these first touches as a greeting and appreciation of your unique body created by nature, in which your mind rests. Here I touch you with my fingertips from the head, over the shoulders, the chest, the back, the book, your manhood and the legs down. I drop all my covers and hug you so that our breasts touch and we feel each other’s heartbeat. Nothing about your body should be unwelcome.

Intended to receive mental and physical pleasures, you lie down on the warm, soft massage place and I stroke my soft body with my hands, silk shawls, and feathers. You feel the tingling sensation and your joy center is increasingly coming to life. I take my time, your expectations, pictures in front of your inner eye to strengthen and produce an explosion of feelings that will displace your everyday life and your worries for a long time.

Erotische Tantra Massage in Düsseldorf

I feel your desire and you lay comfortably on your back now. Again, you may receive the tenderest touches and feel physically passive, but highly sensitive in your body and mind. I recommend you keep your eyes closed and concentrate on you. To be one with you. Of course, you may also briefly consider me and take me into your hot dreams.

The built-up voltages demand a relaxation. I will not redeem you immediately, but increase your desire with a skillful and in the intensity changing Lingam massage in the immeasurable. Your breath tells me when to save you. It is part of the tantra to awaken and experience your full masculinity.

Relaxation, joy, satisfaction and the feeling of relaxation set in. You rest a bit to let the experience fade away and I slowly withdraw.

At the final shower, gives you the strength to go out into the day again.
I know you want to get back into my safety. Come back and I will kidnap you again into another pleasant world.

60 minutes: 130, – € | 90 minutes: 160, – € | 120 minutes: 210, – €