Tantra massage

Tantra is an ancient Indian doctrine that is very strongly oriented in esoteric. Tantra brings body, mind and soul in harmony. The term “tantra” comes from Sanskrit and means “threads” or “fabric.” Moreover, Tantra also means something like “inner being” or “Essez”. Originally a row of esoteric rituals and writings were summarized – the so-called Tantras – which come from the spiritual world of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Our philosophy

The erotic element, which is associated with the tantric massage, and therefore with the modern variant of the body to body massage strengthens the flow of energy and thus forms a holistic physical relaxation. All traditional ideas have only one target: The individual pleasure.

Our priority are sensuality and erotism. Atmosphere and confidence play a major role. Our experiences will ensure rest and relaxation.

The appeal shall consist of the combination of gentle and powerful massage techniques with the inclusion of sensual emotions. To appeal to all senses of man, and thus to generate a mix of emotions, causes us great pleasure.

Did you know…? The origin is likely to matriarchal tantric ideas on the origins of the earliest civilizations back more than 10 000 years.

Tantra Massage in Düsseldorf
Erotische Tantra Massage

The chakren

The human body owns 7 Chakren. Each of these Chakra is a natural human need – to own, to copulate, to achieve something, to love, to communicate, to understand and ultimately to aim higher. Tantra goes out from these natural desires in the human body to build on a passionate, loving and ongoing ralationship.

Shakti and Shiva

The deities in Tantra Shakti and Shiva represent the female and the male pole. Shakti corresponds with the energy of the moon or the Chinese Yin, Shiva with solar energy or the Chinese Yang. Like Yin and Yang, Shakti and Shiva are complementary in the eternal interplay.