Wow Multiple Orgasms

At the beginning of the massage, tender hands glide over your whole body to distribute the oil, then you will feel the body of the woman very intensely. Here, your penis, your anus and your prostate are spoiled during the massage very special. The touch of the prostate can cause a violent sexual tension that leads to a deep and intense orgasm. 

This form of massage is about starting to indulge in the outer anus and slowly building up the full-body arousal out of the anus and triggering erotic sensations that men have never experienced before.

A final ritual ends the multiple, orgasmic experience. Our massage therapists master this massage form and, thanks to many years of experience, can ensure that you enjoy an erotic experience that you will not soon forget.

We wish you a lot of pleasure!

60 minutes – 130 € | 90 minutes – 160€ | 120 minutes – 210€